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JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog - Australian diver Anabelle Smith

We're so lucky to have superstar Australian Diver Anabelle Smith as part of the JOLYN team. As you might have seen on the 'gram, Anabelle's been reppin' JOLYN left, right and centre at training and on her weekend adventures and we LOVE seeing what she's up to in her fresh togs.

Not only is Anabelle (nickname Belle) a dual-Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medallist, she's an all-round epic chick with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share from her experiences being in elite sport for so long. Anabelle answered some questions so you can get to know her better below 👇 

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - Q&A with Australian diver female athlete Anabelle Smith

What do the next few weeks look like for you?

I am actually leaving for Sydney for Olympic Trials this Thursday! It has been such a long build up and I am feeling anxious and excited, but mostly just ready to go and put all my training to good use! Whatever happens at Olympic trials will determine what the next couple of months will look like for me!


What’s been the biggest challenge over the past year with the way COVID has affected your competition & training?

The biggest challenge has probably been all the uncertainty. When COVID first hit I went back home to Melbourne (I had been training in Adelaide as my coach relocated end of 2019). I came back over to Adelaide last September after enduring two weeks of hotel quarantine as Melbourne was still locked down. Ever since I have been dodging border closures and lockdowns, whilst trying to squeeze in some interstate training and competitions, and a couple of short trips home. Things have always changed last minute and been stressful, but I have let go of wanting control of certainty!

The other struggle I guess has been maintaining momentum and motivation across such an extended build up into the Olympics! I am so used to competing overseas for most of the first half of the year so it has been hard sometimes to maintain motivation without much to look forward to outside of training!


What’s the most challenging part of being an elite athlete for you?

For me it has been spending so much time away from home. Ever since I finished school 10years ago I have had to spend a lot of time training interstate. I lived in Brisbane for about 3 years and more recently Adelaide, and have had to travel a lot to train with my synchro partner in QLD too. I love Melbourne and being home with my friends and family, so it has been difficult every time I have to leave my core support network and comfort zone of home!


What do you love most about Diving?

I love the opportunities it has given me to represent our country and travel the world. I also love that it is such a precise and challenging sport that requires a lot of skill to master. I am always striving to get better, and there is always something to improve on. I have also made lifelong friends across my career. 


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned through sport? 

The most important lesson has definitely been resilience. I have had to deal with a lot of adversity across my career, but each challenge has taught me how much strength I really have. When you have to dig deep, you just do, because you always want to keep moving forward. 

I feel like anything can be thrown my way now and I have enough perspective and experience to be able to get through it. 

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - Q&A with Australian diver female athlete Anabelle Smith


JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - Q&A with Australian diver female athlete Anabelle Smith

Fave pump up tune?

Beyoncé - Love on Top


Destination you’d love to visit one day?

Mauritius to see where my Mum grew up 


What do you most enjoy doing outside of training?

Outdoor adventure activities! 


Fave JOLYN piece you own?

All of my contrast Perry fixed backs!


Fave quote you live by?

"Control the ‘controllables’, let everything else go."  

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - Q&A with Australian diver female athlete Anabelle Smith

To learn more about Belle, head to her 27 facts about me blog post and make sure to follow along her journey via her IG @anabellesmith to stay up to date with all her exciting adventures (and what new JOLYN's she's rocking 😉🩱).

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