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JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - step up your recovery

Training is important, yes, but RECOVERY is just as important! How your body recovers determines how well you can back up the next day, and the next day, and ultimately shapes how you perform at your biggest meets.

To be successful in sport or with your fitness goals, allowing your body to heal and become stronger is essential. Being on top of your recovery also helps you to avoid annoying niggles and injuries so they don't slow you down. Here are some simple recovery tips to help you get the absolute most out of all the hard work you put in 👇



Simple but so easy to forget! When it comes to recovery, eating REAL food is best. After depleting your energy stores, make sure you load up on all the good stuff post-training, and don't leave it until you're starving! Aim to get some protein and carbohydrates into you ASAP after training to help your muscles recover and body recharge. You've just worked it hard gf! 

If you're looking for a super quick but nourishing brekky for those on-the-go mornings or an easy post training snack to whip up, these recipes have you covered! 

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - step up your recovery 


As you know, when you exercise, you sweat. Sweating causes your body to become dehydrated quickly, especially if you haven't got enough water on board prior to training. To maximise your recovery, ensure you're replenishing your body's H2O stores immediately post training, and keep sipping on your water throughout the session as often as possible.

Since it's starting to cool down, you probably haven't been feeling as thirsty as usual, so you may not be getting enough H2O on board! Here are some weird signs you might be dehydrated and some handy tips to stay hydrated

The ideal amount of water to consume varies from person to person, but health authorities commonly recommend drinking about 2 litres of water a day. Our flash new insulated WAVE DRINK BOTTLE is here to help you reach your hydration goals!

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - step up your recovery 


It's super important to take time out each day to relax and de-stress, because high levels of stress can actually hinder your recovery! As athletes, it's really easy to fall into the mindset that 'more is more' and that you've gotta be pushing harder all the time. However, you'll probably find that you'll benefit more from learning how to slow down and be still when necessary. Read a book, meditate, watch some Netflix, take a bath, have a pamper sesh, whatever you like - just make sure you're in relaxation mode!

The grind mindset is absolutely beneficial for success, but so is knowing when to take a step back to give your mind and body a break. It's all about getting the grind/recovery ratio right! Discover SIX WAYS TO BE STILL that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - step up your recovery 


During your daily stretch routine or post-training cool down, add some foam rolling into the mix. Foam rolling is a great way to help you recover as it stimulates blood flow, breaks down scar tissue and loosens up your muscles to prep them for your next session. It's like a mini self-massage! It'll only take up 10-15 minutes of your time, but you'll be sure to reap the benefits and be thanking yourself when your body feels fresher than ever next time you go train!

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - step up your recovery 


Probably the most important part of recovery - SLEEP. While you're snoozing, amazing things are taking place in your body! Sleep plays a key role in your overall health and wellbeing, but most of us don’t prioritise it enough. Good sleep quality and quantity is just as important as exercising and eating healthy. Especially for athletes, an adequate sleep routine is absolutely vital to aid in recovery and enhance performance.

If you struggle to get your 7-8 hours in, have a hard time drifting off to dreamland, or just don’t feel rested when you wake up, now’s the time to

start improving your sleeping habits by incorporating these six tips!

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - step up your recovery

We wanna know - do you girls incorporate all of these things into your training/recovery routine? Do you have any other tips and tricks you find useful for recovery? LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS👇

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