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Looking for something that will add an edge to your training? Newsflash - some serious swim training happens out of the water. The Dryland Cord simulates swimming movements on dry land to help you isolate vital muscle groups for targeted training. They come in different weights to give your stroke the push, and pull, it needs to level up.

How will FINIS swim cords help my swim training?

Dryland cords allow athletes to mimic the movements they make in the water out of the water. This makes Dryland Cords are an excellent way to build critical shoulder and back muscles. Cords come in a variety of resistance levels so you can avoid overloading and potential injury. Dryland Cords are designed with handles on the ends for easy handholds and can be used nearly anywhere: Looped around a post, pulled against another athlete, or used with the athlete's own body as the anchor.  Train your triceps, chest, biceps, shoulders and abs anywhere, anytime.

Here's how FINIS Dryland Cords super charge training:

Dryland Stretch Cords are ideal for maintaining shoulder stability with rotator cuff exercises. It is also perfect for strengthening the rhomboid muscles in the back and for those swimmers who need to stay out of the water for recovery as it provides a substantial water-free workout.

The Dryland Cord has durable rubber tubing and solid handles so you can comfortably simulate the motion of all four swim strokes. Cords are appropriate for swimmers of all ages and abilities and come in three different resistances.  The Dryland Cord offers off-season and rehabilitation training options.  

By building up over a period of time, Dryland Cords can be used in cycles of up to one minute (40 seconds on, 20 seconds off) in sets of 12 for periods of up to 20-30 minutes. Though most popular for freestyle and butterfly, they can be used in different aspects of every stroke.

Decoding the colours:


Ideal for those who have done a little swimming, those undergoing rehabilitation and the starting size for most women.


Best for regular swimmers of medium build looking to build strength.


Ideal for serious sport swimmers who swim several kms in a session. 

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