GIRLS SUPPORTING GIRLS // our fave comments from Georgia Bohl's epic giveaway 💙


JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - Georgia Bohl giveaway girls supporting girls

We're all about GIRLS SUPPORTING GIRLS. Which is why we were stoked to be able to provide an awesome prize pack for Georgia Bohl's recent giveaway! As part of the giveaway, Georgia asked her followers to comment and tell her about a woman who inspires them, and we were absolutely blown away by all the incredible comments on her post. It's honestly so empowering to see women supporting and lifting each other up! 👏🙌 JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - Georgia Bohl giveaway girls supporting girls

We just had to share a few of these incredible comments, and hope you're just as inspired and uplifted by them as we are! Let this be a reminder to show your gal pals some love and support, we all need to get around each other!! Here are a few of our absolute faves👇

@cpanuve - definitely - she inspires me through her work ethic, drive & craft she puts into not just her swimming but life in general. no dream is too wild, no swim set too hard, and no goal impossible w her support. she is good vibes always and saying im proud of her would be the understatement of the century. Xx 

@taylornixonn - @hannah.trezona is not only such an incredible athlete but she also supports me no matter what. She is dedicated and so hardworking. No matter what she is faced with she perseveres with a smile on her face every single time. I know that I can always rely on her to cheer me up after a bad race or to give me a confidence boost with one of her pep talks. She is amazing and continues to inspire me each day 🤍🤍🤍

@olympia.pope - No better inspiration than your own teammates who show up each and every training session. They train hard, work hard, compete hard and play hard. I love our post training ‘volleyball’ sessions. Being pool side with them, chatting, laughing, competing, cheering. We push each other, to be the best version of ourselves, but have so much fun and we keep each other sane!

@lilly_bloomer - My mum is my biggest supporter as she is up every morning to make me breakfast for when morning training ends, she brings happiness to when I’ve had a bad race, and she allows me to train for opportunities and work towards them, especially by driving me to training every day.
❤️ you mum and thank you for your support!

And last but certainly not least; Georgia's favourite, the lucky winner:
@charzyswimss -
@miss.maya.grace you are incredible everything you want you go for it! I love it ! I'm so thankful for all the times you have supported me! Girl you have been through a lot that I can't say on here but I am beyond happy that I get to say that you are my friend it is such a privilege.


GIRL POWER ⚡💕 TELL US about a woman who inspires you in the comments below👇

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