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JOLYN Australia Swimwear Blog - Athlete Goal Setting during COVID-19 Pandemic

We're currently living through a very unique and uncertain time. The constant influx of information, uncertainty and changes to daily routines is extremely physically and emotionally draining, so we need to ensure we're prioritising our physical and mental health. With all of these things going on around us, let's focus on being extra kind to ourselves and others, and taking care of our wellbeing. 

It's ok to feel disappointed that you weren't able to achieve your goals this year. You're not alone - so many people around the world will be experiencing the same emotions. It was only a few weeks ago that our lives were altered very abruptly, with major sporting events being cancelled, and nationwide restrictions being put in place. As an athlete, it's second nature to feel like you have to constantly be reaching for the top, but it's ok to slow down and refocus, especially during times like these. Start with setting smaller day to day goals that you know you'll be able to achieve, and build up from there. Once you've read through our tips, take some time to sit down, hit the reset button and start writing out your new goals. 


Jolyn Australia Swimwear Blog - importance of goal setting

Setting goals gives your life direction, creating a road map for success. Without them, it's hard to know what you're working towards, which can lead to a lack of motivation and satisfaction. Some of the benefits of setting goals include:

Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - Goal Setting for athletes

Goal setting is especially important in times like these when your motivation levels might be low, and your routine has been completely thrown off due to uncontrollable factors. So go get out your notebook, grab a pen and get ready to start feeling inspired again! 

 Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - goal setting


Jolyn Australia Swimwear Blog - purpose, what is your why?

Firstly, take a step back to reflect and put things into perspective. Focus on what really matters - the reason why you do what you do. What do you love about your sport? It may be the constant challenge of bettering yourself, the feeling you get when all the hard training pays off, being in a team environment, feeling fit and healthy, the adrenaline rush of competing, being able to travel, anything at all! Sometimes it's easy to forget your why when you're all caught up in training and competitions, so now's a really great time to bring things back to basics. Write down your why, and whenever you need a little extra motivation, come back to this.

 Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - purpose

Jolyn Australia Swimwear Blog - long-term goals

Now that you've reminded yourself of your why, shift your focus to your ultimate goals. The challenge we're currently facing doesn't have to change your long term dreams and ambitions, so keep them in sight and use them as motivation to get through the tough days. Some examples of long term goals include:

Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - long term goals

Whatever your long term goals and dreams are, write them down underneath your why. Look back on them for inspiration, or when you're setting new short term goals.


Jolyn Australia Swimwear Blog - short-term goals

Each time you tick off a short term goal, you're ultimately getting one step closer to achieving your long term goals. However, while it's important to keep your dreams in sight, don't feel pressure to reach for big short-term goals at the moment. Instead, set micro, day-to-day goals that are focused on the process rather than your performance. Process goals are much more within your control, and achieving them daily will all add up, having a significant impact in the long term. Some examples of small day to day goals include:

Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - small short term goals

Once you're consistently achieving small goals every day, you might want to step it up and set some more specific goals. Examples of some other short term goals include:

Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - short term goals

 Jolyn Australia Swimwear blog - extra tips

Jolyn Australia Swimwear Blog - extra tips

It's important to understand that while we're all in this together, everyone responds differently to tough situations. Some people may need to set lots of small goals to feel a constant a sense of achievement, and others may need to set higher goals to boost their motivation. There's no right or wrong answer, just focus on whatever's best for you during this time, but do make sure you:

Jolyn Australia athletic swimwear blog - goal setting extra tips

Remember, there's always light at the end of the tunnel! We hope this blog has given you the extra motivation you needed to get through this difficult time, and inspired you to set some new goals. Let us know what your goals are in the comments!👇💞


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