TAKE NOTE // a moment of gratitude 📝


TAKE NOTE 🍃📝 Our minds are in overdrive right now, so make a cuppa, pop on your comfiest clothes, and let's start writing.

Over the next little while, we're going to help you see all the beautiful things in life that you are grateful for. We're going to write a Gratitude Journal, together.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal will make being grateful as natural as breathing. It just happens without you realising. It is like using a toothbrush, daily, for your mind.

Gratitude is a great way to practice mindfulness and connect with your thoughts and feelings. It only takes a few minutes a day, but it can give you a lasting mood boost that can take you from feeling "okay" to feeling "great" on a more regular basis.

No matter how difficult and defeating life can sometimes feel, there is always something to feel grateful for.  Follow our Instagram stories from today (Monday) for daily prompts  to help get your gratitude flowing.

Each day we'll ask four questions across four categories on our  Instagram story , take a screenshot of the story and write down your answers. After a week, you can go back to the top and start with Monday's questions again - your answers will be different each and every time, and we can't wait to watch your grateful hearts flourish 💛✨

If you want to skip ahead,  DOWNLOAD OUR WEEKLY GRATITUDE PROMPTS HERE  and let's get writing! We want you filling in your Gratitude Journal every day that you can, so make sure you've got a notepad with lotsa pages. You can also do this digitally using a word doc or notes on your phone, but we find the act of putting pen to paper so therapeutic; that's where the magic happens....

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