HAIR CARE TIPS FOR SWIMMERS // keep those locks looking sleek & shiny! 👩🏽‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️👩🏻

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JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - hair care tips for swimmers

While we're grateful for chlorine working it's magic to destroy harmful bacteria and germs lurking in the pool 🦠, it sure can wreak havoc on your luscious locks. Chlorine strips your hair of its glorious natural oils, leading to a very dry, damaged and dull mane if not properly taken care of. No gal wants to deal with that!

Whether you're an aquatic athlete hitting the pool multiple times a week all year round or you just enjoy swimming leisurely in the summer, investing time and a little $ into haircare can go a long way! Use these five tips to help protect your hair from that dreaded chlorine👇



Believe it or not, getting your hair wet before hopping in the pool actually does help. That's because wet hair is much less absorbent than dry hair. Before your swim sesh, make sure you jump under the shower and wet your hair with fresh water before you hit the pool to help prevent as much of that nasty chlorinated water from being absorbed into your hair. JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - hair care tips for swimmers


Coconut oil is useful for many things, and it can also work wonders to protect your hair while you swim lap after lap. Same deal as showering before swimming - apply a layer of coconut oil before you hop in the pool to provide your hair with an extra protective barrier to slow the absorbption of chlorine. Ta-da, you've got your very own water-resistant shield!🛡️ Just make sure you wash it all out properly afterwards! 😜



This may seem obvy to some, but for those of you just starting out in the swimming world, take note. A swim cap is a must if you want to maintain that beautiful mane of yours. We get it, they aren't always the most stylish accessory in the world (except for our epic JOLYN ones of course), but swim caps really are the ultimate way to protect your hair from nasty chlorine. If you're a swimmer, you'll understand that you've just gotta EMBRACE THE CAP LIFE!JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - hair care tips for swimmers


A full on wash with clarifying shampoo and a nourishing conditioner is the way to go if you're really invested in looking after your hair, but we get that a gal ain't always got time for that! So at the very least, give your locks a decent rinse under fresh water as soon as you're out of the pool to prevent a build up of chlorine in your hair. A good rinse will also help dilute the odour of your chlorine perfume that tends to stick around all day long after a swim sesh!



Giving your hair a little extra TLC at least once a week is essential, especially if you're in the pool most days. Tip number five - apply a deep conditioning hair mask to help restore your mane after a long week workin' in the chlorine. There are loads of nourishing hair masks out there now to help repair chlorine-damaged hair. If you're short on time, no stress - instead of a full on hair mask, you can opt for a leave-in treatment which can also come in handy to help protect your hair while you're in the water!JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - hair care tips for swimmers

If you aren't already, now's the time to get into a routine of practising these five tips and we can guarantee your hair will thank you for it! It's all about CONSISTENCY, so if you wanna achieve that silky soft mane, you'll need to stick at it week in, week out.

WE'D LOVE TO HEAR WHAT OTHER HAIRCARE TIPS YOU HAVE! Let us know in the comments below👇💆‍♀️

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  • Posted on by Annabel
    Hi! Thankyou for writing this, its really helped me with my hair, as I am a swimmer who swims 4 times a week in a club. I have noticed a huge improvement in my hair’s health since following these tips. 😁

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