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JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog post - mastering meditation

Since Covid's been around, our lives have been plunged into a period of uncertainty - one that we couldn't have ever been fully prepared for! Feeling uncertain about what the future holds is uncomfortable and for the past year or so, many of us have at some point felt lost, unmotivated and much more on edge than usual, and that's completely normal. Living in a Covid world, we've had to adapt to a new way of living in order to thrive. One of the most important lessons that came out of the year that was 2020 is the importance of prioritising our mental health. Whether it's through working less, exercising more, taking up a new hobby, exploring nature or MEDITATING.



Through all this Covid turmoil, more people have discovered the power of meditation as it's become clear that taking a moment to catch your breath and reconnect with yourself is absolutely essential. Being still is powerful, and sometimes slowing down is the real key to success. Meditation is proven to be an extremely effective method to relieve stress, anxiety and help improve your overall mental health. It's like exercise for your mind. Just like you'd exercise any other muscle in your body, giving your brain a little workout can go a long way too!  

JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog post - mastering meditation


In addition to enhancing your day to day life, meditation helps you become fully present in the moment, so it's a great skill to master for when you need to reconnect your body and mind before a big moment like a race, game or presentation. In our Q&A with expert Carol Fox, she recommended a technique called heart breathing, similar to meditation, to align your body and mind and calm anxiety before an important event. Learn more about heart breathing and Carol's other tips in our IGTV interview and blog post



Meditation is something that anyone can learn and benefit from, and it's super easy to incorporate into your daily routine! New to meditation? Great news - Headspace has just launched a new special on Netflix called Headspace: Unwind Your Mind to add to their interactive series which also features episodes Headpsace: Guide to Sleep and Headspace: Guide to Meditation. So now you can watch Netflix and chill out while you learn useful meditations tips and techniques. You'll be a pro in no time! 

JOLYN Australia womens sports swimwear blog post - mastering meditation


Once you've learned all you need to get started, block out a time each day for meditation. Just think of it as 'you time'. There are so many apps out there to help guide you through meditation practices, including the Headspace app, so don't worry if you're struggling to calm your mind in silence. Consistent meditation practice has the power to restore calmness amidst the craziness of your daily grind, strengthen your mind and body and promote long-term happiness and well-being. That sounds like something worth investing your time in, right?!

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