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JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - unlock the power of your period menstrual cycle

 A while back, our girl Harriet Brown shared a chat she had with obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Drew Moffrey about all things to do with menstrual cycles. If you missed it, you can catch up at the bottom of this post👇. Haz also wrote a very informative article on how understanding your cycle better can help improve your overall wellbeing and enhance sports performance. You can check it out HERE

Knowledge = power 💪💕 and we're all about empowering women to become the very best version of themselves. So we're encouraging you to get to know your body better and one of the best ways to do that is to track your menstrual cycle. Thankfully we're now blessed with a range of incredible period tracker apps that include many other useful features in addition to helping you figure out when you'll get your next period. They'll give you insights into what to expect at each stage of your cycle, handy tips and tricks for managing symptoms and general education on menstrual cycles, fertility and hormones. 

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - unlock the power of your period menstrual cycle

Period tracker apps are the bomb and can offer so many benefits to both your physical and mental health - EVERY GAL needs one! Think of it like a women's health mentor that you can take with you wherever you go and go to for advice whenever you need it. Here are five of our faves:


One of the most popular period tracker apps out there right now, Flo is here to help you record your symptoms and follow your cycle. Flo also features a range of informative articles to help educate you on all areas women's health and offers a chat feature so you're able to talk through any concerns and have all your questions answered by an in-built bot.

Period Diary

If you're after a basic, easy to use app, this one's for you. Period Diary allows you to log your period and symptoms and predict your ovulation date. Simple but effective!


If you're looking for more info about your whole body throughout your cycle, Clue is the perfect companion. In addition to tracking your period, this app lets you log your flow levels, symptoms and sanitary items used leading up to your period as well as allowing you to keep track of your mood, skin health, digestion and energy levels throughout your cycle. There's really nothing you can't track on Clue

My Calendar

Do you have irregular periods? If so, My Calendar is the perfect app for you as it's programmed specifically to track irregular periods. This app also helps you keep things discreet, allowing you to hide personal data that you might not want someone else seeing.


Me V PMDD is ideal if you're struggling with troubling symptoms just before your period. Whilst you should also check in with your GP about these symptoms, this app is a great supplement to help track your hormonal changes, providing your doctor with more information to help you.

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog post - unlock the power of your period menstrual cycle

The more info you log in your app the better, as it'll be able to more accurately predict when your next period will begin, how long it'll last and what symptoms you're likely to experience at different stages throughout your cycle. It'll even be more precise at predicting exactly when you'll ovulate and which days you're most fertile. So make a habit of logging your info on a daily basis!

For girls struggling with painful or heavy periods, Haz reached out to a Gold Coast women's health doctor for advice. You might find some helpful info in this blog post on remedies for menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding by Harriet Brown and Dr. Alicebut it is highly recommended that you also visit your GP to talk through these symptoms, just to make sure you're all healthy.


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