THE POWER OF BEING STILL // sometimes slowing down is the key to success ✨


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We live in a world where society expects us to always be 'busy', on the go and striving to achieve our next big goal. While to some degree this is positive and can give our life purpose, the pressure is constantly mounting to do more, which can lead to burnout and negatively affect our mental health. In amongst all the madness, we can forget how important it is to slow down, be still and truly appreciate life for what it is.

As athletes, it's really easy to fall into the mindset that 'more is more' and that you've gotta be pushing harder all the time. However, you'll probably find that you'll benefit more from learning how to slow down and be still when necessary. The grind mindset is absolutely beneficial for success, but so is knowing when to take a step back to give your mind and body a break. It's all about getting the grind/recovery ratio right! Here are SIX WAYS TO BE STILL that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine👇



No, laying down going on your phone or watching TV doesn't count! That's because while you may be resting your body, your mind is still processing information! Instead, try some deep breathing or using a guided meditation app like Mindspace. Ten minutes a day is all you need! Meditation is a great way to start your day on a positive note or to help you wind down at night (or both!). ✨

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - lay down meditate


Spending time outdoors is incredibly beneficial for our mental health. Whether it's relaxing at the beach, sitting in a park or chilling' out in your backyard, being still in nature gives you a great opportunity to clear your mind. Inhale that wonderful fresh air into your lungs and tune in to all the different sounds you can hear. Soak up the sun, wind, rain, cold air or whatever the weather is on that day. Take the time to be present and still. 🍃🌊

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - lay down meditate


The shower - aka the absolute best place for zoning out. It seems so simple, but the 5-10 mins you spend in the shower each day is a great opportunity to switch off your mind and be still. Make the most of this precious down time! 🚿🛀

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - take a shower


Incredible for your body, mind and soul. Not only is stretching/yoga and foam rolling great for easing tension and tightness throughout your body, you can also use this time to slow down your thoughts. Focus on deep breathing to help you feel calming relaxed 🧘‍♀️

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - yoga/stretch


Whenever you get a moment to yourself, chuck on your fave tunes and just switch off. Music has a way of making us feel good while also giving the mind a bit of a break, so if you love listening to music, this will be an easy peasy way for you to take some time out to be still each day! 🎶

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - listen to music


Sometimes you just need a good power nap to give your brain a chance to recharge by allowing your mind to slow down for a while. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go again! Just make sure you don't nap for too long or too close to bedtime 😉💤

JOLYN Australia sports swimwear blog - listen to music

Do you have any other ways that help you to be still? Let us know in the comments!👇

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