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JOLYN Australia swimweat blog - review by JOLYN lover Pippi

Our entire mission in life is to make you girls feel confident, powerful and strong every time you slip on a pair of JOLYN's, and to ensure that your togs are built to last whilst being suitable for ALL your crazy adventures. We ain't about see-through scandals, swim tops that fall off in the surf or togs that just don't fit right. We're about making incredible, durable, comfortable, flattering and insanely well-fitted togs to suit so many body shapes and sizes.

Nothing makes us more excited than hearing from you, our JOLYN SQUAD, all about how much you love your togs. We read absolutely every review that comes through, and we just couldn't go past sharing this one with the world, because Pippi's an absolute word-wizard and we were OVER THE MOON after reading her incredible review.


JOLYN Australia swimwear blog - Grayson bikini top review by Pippi


"Any woman with a larger chest-area will understand the impossibility of finding *any* swimsuits that are supportive and don’t need to be pulled up more times than anyone cares to count. On the other hand though, buying a bikini can be intimidating, because there are almost no brands that a) make in larger sizes, b) make them in non-ugly ways, and c) are comfortable (ie/ not going to kill your neck and shoulders 2 minutes in).

JOLYN have made a product that is absolutely fantabulous! It is wearable in all manner of activities; in swimming, it is snug and secure; SLS it is non-chafing (A Godsend), yet keeps everything in place effortlessly; and under shirts day-to-day it has such a relaxed feel without you feeling that you really should have worn a real bra ... miraculous!

Anyhow; if you are scared of swimming due to concerns about support, or struggle with body image due to the chestal area - this top will change the whole way you think... NOTE: For women with very small backs vs bust size, beware that to get a coverage large enough, you will need to pull the straps so tight that the ‘x’ feature closes. This is not a problem, for it just looks like a bikini that has been ‘tightened’, but if you do want the strappy back, consider sizing down."

JOLYN Australia swimwear blog - Pippi review


JOLYN Australia swimwear blog - MIDL bikini bottoms review by Pippi


"Active bikini bottoms seem to be rarer than koalas these days; a tragedy on both accounts. Having searched for bottoms that are non-slip, are cut to flatter you, and don’t require another bikini wax every time you go to the pool/beach, I found the JOLYN Midl bottoms.

The Midl bottoms can sit anywhere from middle, to the top of your hipbone (depending on how tight you tie the drawstring), come across the front, and cover the back leaving just the sides of your rear exposed. This makes for a lovely pair of bottoms, as they cover enough to participate in sports and to wear in front of the general public (useful for SLS), yet don’t fall into the trap of trying of making fuller-coverage “edgy” by leaving your cheeks hanging out the back awkwardly. These lift and hold your derrière perfectly, with no possibility of discomfort whatsoever. Can’t wait for you to join me in the JOLYNS-around-the-house-team." JOLYN Australia swimwear blog - Pippi review

The whole JOLYN team were absolutely blown away reading this review, and so many others! Thank you all, we appreciate you ❤️


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